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3rd Edition, US paperback.

What to Expect When Your Wife's Expanding, a play on the title of the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting," is a comedic book about dealing with pregnancy and, to a lesser extent, parenting, from a man's perspective. It was written by Thomas Hill and published in 1993.

The 3rd edition of this book was gifted to me after my wife and I told our friends we were expecting.


I own a third edition paperback copy of this book and have read it.



  • Overall, the book had some useful information and advice to be gleamed.
  • I like that the section of circumcision frankly points out that the arcane tradition is still practiced merely for cosmetic reasons.


  • The few parts of the book that actually got into the science of pregnancy just mentioned various terms, but didn't give an explaination for what they are.
  • The jokes in the closer actually point out several flaws of the book, namely, how it doesn't even mention the importance of parenting decisions around vaccines and various other topics.


  • Far too much of the book was dedicated to humor, and a lot of it was too stereotypical for my tastes. Lots of sportsball and lazy disinterested father jokes.