White Queen (As It Began)

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White Queen (As It Began) is a Queen song released on the album Queen II on 1974-03-08. It is a romantic rock song composed by Brian May and sung by Freddie Mercury. In the song, the singer explains how he adores a woman from afar, but, lacking the courage to say how he feels, he pines after her from afar. His sorrow peaks when he realizes that he has stayed silent for too long, and will now never have a chance to be with her. Knowing that Brian May was a shy young man, it can be assumed that this song is not merely fancy, but autobiographical. It's also one of May's more complicated songs.

This song resonates strongly with me, not just because it's well composed and powerfully emotional, but because I too was very shy around girls through my teen years and failed to express my emotions and crushed on them from afar. I have a particular girl in mind when I hear this song, and, just like the song, when I finally did work up the nerve to ask her on a date, I discovered she was already seeing someone else.

I've mostly shed my shyness, and I don't hold such pathetic crushes anymore, but the shyness, the crush, and with it, this song, was such an important part of my past, that it has carved out a permanent place in my character.


So sad her eyes, smiling dark eyes.
So sad her eyes, as it began.

On such a breathless night as this
Upon my brow the lightest kiss
I walked alone.
And all around the air did sway
My lady soon will stir this way
In sorrow known.
The white queen walks
And the night grows pale.
Stars of lovingness in her hair.
Heeding unheard pleading one word.
So sad, my eyes, she cannot see.

How did thee fare? What have thee seen?
The mother of the willow green,
I call her name.
And 'neath her window have I stayed
I loved the footsteps that she made
And when she came.
White queen how my heart did ache
And dry my lips no word would make.
So still I wait.

My goddess hear my darkest fear,
I speak too late.
It's for evermore that I wait.
Dear friend goodbye,
No tears in my eyes.
So sad it ends, as it began.