Why Dinosaurs Matter

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US hard cover, 1st edition.

Why Dinosaurs Matter is a popular science book written by paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara and published on 2017-09-19 which describes the importance of learning about ancient biological ancestry.

I read this book because, come on man, dinosaurs!


I do not own this book, but I listened to an audio book read by the author.



  • Lacovara does a good job of adding emotional language as he describes dinosaurs, how big they were, how long their reign on earth lasted, and their importance to history.
  • The book does a great job of explaining why studying the Earth's history is extremely humbling and will make people who are proud of being the planet's master race stop being proud and start feeling thankful to be alive.
  • The author doesn't pull any punches against people who believe ridiculous things like Creationists or psychics, but he isn't disrespectful either.


  • I wish the author would have spent more time describing the new information we've learned about dinosaurs now that we have impressions of their feathers and fossilized samples of their tissue.


  • Nothing.