Win, Lose, or Draw (1988 video game)

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Win, Lose, or Draw

Win, Lose, or Draw - DOS - USA.jpg

MS-DOS - USA - 1st edition.

Developer Softie
Publisher Hi Tech Expressions
Published 1988-??-??
Platforms Apple II, Commodore 64, DOS
Genres Licensed
Themes Game Show
Series Win, Lose, or Draw
Multiplayer Alternating versus
Distribution Commercial

Win, Lose, or Draw is an active puzzle video game developed by Softie and published by Hi-Tech Expressions for Apple II, Commodore 64, and MS-DOS in 1988, and is the first video game interpretation of the TV game show, Win, Lose, or Draw. Other editions were released later; a Second Edition and Junior were released in 1989. I group them all into this single page due to their similarities.

Released Title Notes
1988-??-?? Win, Lose, or Draw Initial release.
1989-??-?? Win, Lose, or Draw: Second Edition A new set of pictures.
1989-??-?? Win, Lose, or Draw: Junior New scoring system, three players.


FinishedApple II: 2024-02-29 / Apple II (Second Edition): 2024-02-29 / Commodore 64: 2024-02-29 / Commodore 64 (Second Edition): 2024-02-29 / MS-DOS: 2024-02-29 / MS-DOS (Junior): 2024-02-29 / MS-DOS (Second Edition): 2024-02-29.

I came across this game while looking through an archive of old games and thought I should play it just to add it to my list of completed games. I played every version I could find and beat all of them with ease.


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3 3 4 3 3

Best Version: Commodore 64


  • Slowly drawing pictures to the screen was still a pretty impressive feat in 1988.
  • The game lets you play as women and has an even split of male and female characters.
  • The cartoonish backgrounds and characters are drawn nicely.


  • There aren't any difficulty controls. So, if you find the AI in the single player game too easy or too hard, you're out of luck.
  • In single player mode, having to watch the opposing team slowly draw and guess for a full minute before you get to do anything is boring.
  • For some of the pictures, there is quite a stretch to get the correct answer.
  • Ironically, I found the Junior version to be the most difficult.
  • None of the games have good music or sound effects for the time, although the Commodore 64 is the best.


  • Since the game is little more than pre-determined Pictionary, it's difficult to justify the cost of the game.
  • The game doesn't let you draw, so, an entire half of the game show is missing.


Box Art




Apple II - Longplay.
Apple II - Second Edition - Longplay.
MS-DOS - Longplay.
MS-DOS - Junior - Longplay.
Commodore 64 - Game Play.

Play Online

Apple II, Apple II (Second Edition), Commodore 64, Commodore 64 (Second Edition), MS-DOS, MS-DOS (Junior)


Strong female character?PassHalf the characters are women, and you can even play as a woman.
Bechdel test?FailNo women ever talk.
Strong person of color character?FailAll of the characters are white.
Queer character?FailThere are no queer characters.


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