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[[Category: Science]]
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[[Category: Books I've Read]]

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US hardcover, 1st edition.

Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World is a kid's book by Rachel Ignotofsky covering 50 female scientists who have made great contributions in their field of expertise. The book gives and illustration of the scientist and uses a page to describe their work and accolades. I really enjoyed this book!


I own a first edition hardcover and have read it.



  • The fact that such a book even exists is, in itself, a victory.
  • The mini biographies are well-written and exciting.
  • It amazes me just how many of the women had to force their way into sexist schools or programs that had a blanket refusal of all women.


  • While I enjoyed the graphic style for all the background objects, I didn't much care to have such cartoonish depictions of the scientists, and would have preferred to see photos or realistic drawings.
  • Some of the women listed, while still very important in their fields, weren't as pure of a scientist as I use the term (e.g., I don't call doctors scientists unless they do scientific research). However, I recognize that a century ago, there wasn't nearly as much medical research taking place, and doctors often had to perform their own research.
  • The book wasn't long enough, I would have preferred to read about more than 50 women, or to have more in-depth biographies of them!


  • Nothing. This was a wonderful read.


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