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| 3 || ''[[Ninja Gaiden (book)|Ninja Gaiden]]'' || [[Peter Lerangis]] || 1990 || Yes
| 3 || ''[[Ninja Gaiden (book)|Ninja Gaiden]]'' || [[Peter Lerangis]] || 1990 || Yes
| 4 || ''[[Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (book)|Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]]'' || [[Christopher Howell]] || 1990 ||  
| 4 || ''[[Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (book)|Castlevania II: Simon's Quest]]'' || [[Christopher Howell]] || 1990 || Yes
| 5 || ''[[Wizards and Warriors (book)|Wizards and Warriors]]'' || [[Ellen Miles]] || 1990 || Yes
| 5 || ''[[Wizards and Warriors (book)|Wizards and Warriors]]'' || [[Ellen Miles]] || 1990 || Yes

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Worlds of Power is a series of young adult novelizations of popular Nintendo Entertainment System video games published by Scholastic. Ten books were published from 1990-1991. The series was produced by Seth Godin who wanted to encourage children obsessed with video games to read more. All of the books are attributed to the pen name "F.X. Nine," but they are written by various authors. Each book included hints for the game between chapters, as well as a collectible card that could be torn out of the book. The cards had the game's box art on the front.

Though Seth Godin claims to have played each of the video games in great detail in order to make a reference document for each author, the books usually bore only a passing resemblance to the source material. Either the authors were supplied too little information, incorrect information, or allowed to take great liberties with the game (probably a combination of all three). Scholastic also required the stories to be heavily censored from the source material. Despite many of them being about the war and battles with monsters, people are rarely killed. Instead, the heroes stun their enemies or knock them unconscious.

My mother allowed me to order the Blaster Master novella through my elementary school's monthly book catalog. I had never played or even seen the game, but the fact that the book was about a Nintendo game was enough to entice me. As a child, I really liked the book and it encouraged me to seek out and play the game, which I discovered was very different than the book. Re-reading the book years later, I realized just how hokey the story was, but I still enjoyed it due to nostalgia. In my late 20s, I decided to try and find the other books and see how they were, and, sure enough, they were equally as hokey and took great liberties with the actual games.


The complete collection.
# Title Author Published Own
1 Blaster Master Peter Lerangis 1990 Yes
2 Metal Gear Alexander Frost 1990
3 Ninja Gaiden Peter Lerangis 1990 Yes
4 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Christopher Howell 1990 Yes
5 Wizards and Warriors Ellen Miles 1990 Yes
Mega Man 2 Ellen Miles 1990
6 Bionic Commando Judith Bauer Stamper 1991 Yes
7 Infiltrator Peter Lerangis 1991
8 Before Shadowgate Ellen Miles 1991
Bases Loaded II: Second Season Peter Lerangis 1991