X Telling Me About the Loss of Something Dear, at Age 16

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Single cover.

X Telling Me About the Loss of Something Dear, at Age 16 is an indie twee pop song by Hello Saferide. It was composed by Annika Norlin and first released on 2008-09-27 as track 5 on the album More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide, then again as a single on 2008-12-10 with a remix of Anna as the B-side.

On the recording, Norlin plays guitar and sings lead vocals, Andreas Mattsson plays guitar, piano, and sings backing vocals, Fredrik Hultgren plays drums and sings backing vocals, Jens Lagergren plays bass guitar and sings backing vocals, and Andrea Kellerman sings backing vocals.

The song is from the perspective of a 16-year-old girl losing her virginity to a much older man who is clearly taking advantage of her. The lyrics describe the girl as being a bit confused, self-conscious, scared, and, ultimately, bored by the whole ordeal, while the older man is oblivious to her feelings, and quite proud of himself.

The title is a bit... long, but the instrumentation for the song nicely juxtaposes the content of the song. It has smooth guitar, piano, drums, and a chorus of backing vocals. Annika's vocals have a depressing morose quality to them which really fit the mood of the girl from the song.

The music video is pretty cool. Annika tries to teach four men a dance routine for a performance, and they're totally hopeless. Annika looks ravishing in her green sequined dress and adeptly performs while her "virgins" of dance fail to impress. I also really like the single cover which depicts a person with a bird in their grasp, showing they have the power to crush it to death or release it unharmed.


I first heard this song after getting More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide. I don't know if I was listening closely enough to the lyrics the first time I heard it, but when I did properly pay attention, it made me question how I acted to the women I first had sex with, and hope that I wasn't so callous.


I looked up at the ceiling the entire time.
Well it didn't last for long,
Like 15 minutes or so,
They had said it would hurt, but it didn't.

His face all grumped up, veins were showing on his forehead.
Closed my eyes and thought of dancers.
Closed my eyes and thought of dancers.

I thought of what my friends would say.
I thought of how my life would change.
I just laid real still there on the bed.

Afterwards I said, like I hear you're supposed to,
"Was it good for you as well?"
He was proud, said, "OK, we can do it again,
And maybe this time you can do it better than this.
You can do it better than this.
You can do it better than this.
I know you can do it better than this."

I faked to cum, 'cause I hear you're supposed to;
There was obviously something wrong with me,
And I didn't want him to know.

I was scared he'd have a heart attack and die.
I went to work at the shoe store and waved him goodbye.
I felt sad, but I didn't know why.

"Do you want those in red?" I said.
"250 kr with laces," I said.
Years later, I can still vision that forehead.


Official video.


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