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Xbox (standard case).

The Xbox is an sixth generation home video game console developed by Microsoft and Flextronics, first sold by Microsoft on 2001-11-15, and discontinued on 2006-05-02. The Xbox uses a proprietary DVD optical disc as its primary medium for games. It was a moderate success for Microsoft, selling around 24 million units, and allowing them to put out an even more successful console a few years later, the Xbox 360.


I was done with buying video game consoles before the Xbox came out, and I certainly didn't want to give money to Microsoft. I'm pretty sure I've never even played a single Xbox game.


I do not own an Xbox.


See all Xbox Games.

While I haven't played any games on the Xbox, there have been some games released for Windows which were ported to the Xbox, and these are the ones important to me:


I don't know enough about the console to review it.


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