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Yoshiaki Iwata is a graphic artist, game designer, and video game producer who has worked at Sunsoft since 1985. He was initially hired as a graphic artist and slowly worked up to game designer and producer. I really admire Iwata's artistic abilities. In a time when games were mostly made from cute cartoonish graphics, he used a lot of darker palettes to give games a more sinister feel. He also made great use of dithering and drew backgrounds that spanned multiple tiles to better eliminate the obvious seams found in so many games of the time. However, he was also capable of drawing cute graphics when the game required it. The games where I think he most excelled in graphic design are Blaster Master and Batman: The Video Game.


This gameography is missing Iwata's most recent games on portable devices and smart phones.

Released Title Contribution
1987-07-20 Fantasy Zone (NES) Converted the arcade graphics to the NES.
1988-06-17 Blaster Master Primary graphic artist and game designer.
1989-03-30 After Burner II Art director for redesigning the arcade graphics.
1989-12-22 Benkei Gaiden Primary artist.
1989-12-22 Batman: The Video Game (NES) Graphics and game design.
1990-07-27 Batman: The Video Game (Genesis) Primary background graphics.
1990-10-26 Nantettatte!! Baseball All graphics.
1990-12-14 Gremlins 2: The New Batch Primary graphics and game design.
1991-08-23 Blaster Master Boy Adviser.
1991-12-18 Lemmings (SNES) Special thanks.
1991-12-20 Batman: Return of the Joker (NES) Primary graphics and game design.
1993-02-26 Xak: The Art of Visual Stage Planner.
1993-08-12 World Heroes (SNES) Director.
1993-12-22 Hebereke's Popoon (Arcade, SNES) Producer.
1994-05-?? Pirates of Dark Water Special thanks.
1996-08-09 Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean Chief designer, battle designer, 3D modeler.
1998-12-03 T.R.A.G.: Tactical Rescue Assault Group - Mission of Mercy Primary producer.


This is a collection of screenshots from various games where Yoshiaki Iwata created graphics.

Blaster Master