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{{Video Game Review|2|2|3|4|1|Flash}}

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Starting screen of You Have to Burn the Rope.

You Have to Burn the Rope is a very short platformer video game developed and published by Kian Bashiri for Flash on 2008-02-05. As the title suggests, the game requires the player to burn a rope. The game can purposely designed to be especially short, but still meet all the qualifications of a game. It can be beaten in under a minute.

Not too long after this game was released, a co-worker told me about it, so I played it and beat it.


The game is free, I have beaten it.


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Best Version: Flash

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • The graphics are cute and the concept is charming.
  • The ending song by Henrik Nåmark is enjoyable.


  • Nothing.


  • It's hard to really even call this a "game" since it can be beat in a matter of seconds. It's really more of a joke game. The credits are even longer than the game!






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