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Short Work

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Charity As Advertising
An Essay On Justice
Rarity As Evidence
Why Vorbis?


Creative Non-Fiction

Have You Ever Tripped a Bird?
The Love Sick Vandal
Wannbe Nerds


Short Stories

Long Work

Some of the larger pieces I've written.



The Legend of David of Wolf


I'm not a poet, which you will soon see. I enjoy poetry, but only certain kinds and only when I'm in the mood for it which is rare. I tend to think most poetry is rather pretentious, but there is still some that is genuine. Being the product of public schools my vocabulary isn't as vast as I'd like, so my poems are very amateur.

Poetry is usually used as a means of putting emotion into words. These emotions are of course as different as the person who writes them. I personally use poetry as a form of therapy when I'm upset, which explains why most of my poems are a bit on the dark side. Please enjoy.



Break Time
The Businessman - In our land of pop culture, the only people who win are the businessmen behind the smoke and dance.
The Flickering Star - Certain people resemble the traits of a flickering star.
Joke of the Angels - Wrote this while driving home one night. I guess I felt like I was being laughed at by some higher being.
New Year's Day
Time Stands Still
Twilight Trains


Silly Stuff

Ode To My Hat - I love my plain gray hat.
The True Story of the Jabberwocky - Based on the Lewis Carroll poem. What the Jabberwocky is -really- like.


Love and Loss

And So It Began - A sad poem. Makes my life look depressing. I'm really not that unhappy!
Another Chapter Ends - When a chapter of your life comes to an end, it's hard to feel good about it.
Excuses of the Shy
Fly Away Songbird
The Girl Who Lives In My Dreams - I'm sure everyone's had that elusive crush.
Love Song
The Owl and the Fox
So Much For That - About a girl I almost dated.
Wishing Isn't Real - Don't spend all your time wishing...


Inner Demons

Breaking Out
The Fall - A slight bout with depression.
I Should Be Over You - A bitter-sweet tale of a fictional life. (Written as a song.)
Just Another Guy, Just Another Girl
One Night Only - A semi-erotic goth style romp. I felt naughty when I wrote it. ;-)
Pain Is My Life - Odd how pain is needed to love.
Negative - I think I was in a bad mood when I wrote this one.
Selfish - A pathetic waste of life.
The Time of My Life - More depressing garbage.
There's Something You Should Know


Other's Poems

Jabberwocky - Lewis Carroll (From: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There)
Forgotten Language - Shel Silverstein (From: Where the Sidewalk Ends)


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