Break Time

A horde of simple starving creatures,
Living out their futile lives.
Wishing, wanting, and working,
For the thing they need the least.

Trying hard to make each other,
Engage in what either refuses to do.
Speaking of friends as though they were foes.
Demanding perfection, refusing to settle.

Giving myself what I need,
Enjoying its purpose,
Leaving again for boredom's great expense.

I wrote this in the cafeteria of the college I was attending at the time. As shy as I am, I never get around to making friends in places with lots of people, so I was eating alone as usual. Watching the people interact with each other is always a the case in situations like those. I assume the inspiration for this was when I witnessed a guy fail to secure a date with a woman, at least that's what it sounds like, I don't remember.