The Flickering Star

Although there are billions of stars in the sky,
None shine quite as brilliantly as you.
Though your light is not as pure and white as others,
It's so much brighter, and impossible to miss.
...Yet in your confusion you flicker.

On an endless sea spanning the distances of life,
The ship's captains harness the stars to navigate their ways.
The younger, inexperienced captains would plot their courses,
Using your bright light as their perfect guide.
...But in your fear, you flicker.

At the first sign of instability the captians abandoned you,
They saught a different star, one that would never flicker.
Yet the stars they chose were dull and plain in their smoldering hue.
Cursed are those who find you too soon in their lives.
...And in their impatience, you flicker.

The veteran captains who have sailed the seas for many years,
Won't even acknowledge your fierce light.
Though with their experience they could give you wisdom.
Cursed are those who give up on you before they even know you.
...So in their arrogance, you flicker.

And the crafty ones. Those captains who know you flicker,
When you're bright they use you more than you wish they would.
And when you flicker, they forget you and no longer care.
Cursed are those who squander your warm light.
...In their abuse, you flicker.

But there is one captain who knows you flicker, and understands why,
He has marked you on his charts, and enjoys your beautiful blazing light.
Yet he is treated like just another captain. Not cared for, not trusted.
Cursed is he who came all too late.
...And in your sorrow, you flicker.

So forever cursed are you The Flickering Star.
Cursed until you see the right captain for you.
The one who understands you.
The one who doesn't abuse you.
The one who loves you.