Fly Away Songbird

I have always wondered why,
You left before you could fly.
Did you fall, or jump, or did they push you?

Do you remember when I found you?
Alone on the ground, fallen from your nest.
Snakes and rats searching for you,
But I found you first.

I taught you to sing.
I taught you to be proud.
I taught you to make yourself be heard.


But now the time has come,
For you to learn to fly.
And I must admit,
That I wish I could teach you.

It's not that I can't, but that I won't.
It would be selfish of me to keep you,
And maybe still, you don't know why.

I must abandon you,
To learn the last on your own.
To fall from my hands to the world.

And it terrifies me to think of what might happen.

I hope I have given you wisdom.
I wish that you will find your flock.
I dream that I will see you again.

Fly away little one...

Fly away my songbird.

This is where I would normally explain what the poem is about and how it pertains to me. That won't happen this time. I'm usually open about my poems, even the ones that make me feel vulnerable, but this one is a little too much, even for me. I leave it to you to figure it out.