Just Another Guy, Just Another Girl

You were dating a total jerk,
That night we first met.
And I think it's rather sick,
That he lost you in a bet.

And the guy that 'won' you,
Wanted you solely for a bone.
And when you let him have it,
He left you crying all alone.

I thought I'd go and comfort you,
After you were treated like a pawn.
But something about your crying,
Shamefully turned me on.

Well yeah I know it's wrong,
To have these feelings that I do.
Cuz you're eight years younger,
And I'm just twenty-two.

But you grew up too quick,
Learned the skills before your time.
And you beg to show them to me,
Without even charging me a dime.

So yeah I should have said 'no',
You just need to be treated right.
But hell I'm just a guy,
I didn't put up much of a fight.

And after we were finished,
I guess I should have felt bad.
It's not that I didn't like it,
You were the best I ever had.

In the end I'm like the others,
I just used your for a screw.
And I wish it wasn't a lie,
When I told you 'I love you'.

Just Another Girl

Before you ask, no, this is not a true story in my life, and the photo is just an random photo from the Internet I altered. This poem began to form in my head after meeting a girl who was treated very poorly by all of her boyfriends. She was very young, but knew more about the pain of relationships than people twice her age. She needed to be loved and yet I found I could only distance myself from her for fear that I would give in to my desire and be just another guy in her life who used her.

In this poem, however, I explore what it would be like to actually go through it all. The person is disgusted with the thought of men treating the girl bad, but when he's put in the same position, he fails in the same way.

Sometimes the creations of my imagination scare me because they remind me that I still don't have everything under control. There are still carnal urges pulsing through my veins that I may never tame.