Love Song

I'm tired of hearing those love songs
The kind that always end so sweet
It's such a lie the way they go
You and I will never meet

We'll never be together forever
We won't live happily ever after
Those lies are meant for little children
When life is full of dreams and laughter

I much prefer the truthful sorrow
Of a song that doesn't candy coat
Where the heroine dies of stomach cancer
And the hero deftly slits his throat

Songs that end in anguish
Where the lovers say adieu
Those are the songs that I love
Those are the songs that are true

And yet I wish I could believe
That love songs were sincere
Then our love would really exist
That love song I'd like to hear

Did you ever notice when you're in love that love songs sound so wonderful and amazing, but when you're alone they sound mocking and hurtful? Usually I'm okay to appreciate a love song, but every so often when I'm feeling sorry for myself I just can't bear to listen to another sappy song about the unbridled love between two people who were destined for each other since the day they were born. That stuff kind of makes me want to throw up.