Ode To My Hat

Of all the things I like today,
Few can make me feel so gay.

It's fun and gray, goes on my head,
Sometimes I even take it to bed.

It's my hat, and it's so neat,
Yes, my hat cannot be beat.

It fits my head just like a glove,
That's why it has my undying love.

It has a bill that's nice and round.
The best darn bill to be found.

Doesn't have any writings or brands,
It's the greatest hat in all the lands.

It's logo free, thank the Lord,
So I'm not a walking billboard.

It's a neutral color and that's so keen,
Even when it's dirty, it still looks clean.

Few have a hat as great as mine,
It's blessed and charmed, it's so divine.

I adore my hat, yes it's true.
So to my hat I say, "I love you!"