One Night Only

You wear too much mascara,
And your skin's too white.
With your pitch black hair,
You look just like blight.

So now you're here,
Where the vampires dwell.
It's true about this place,
It's the closest thing to Hell.

Hey freaky little goth girl,
Come spend some time with me.
Tell me your darkest secrets,
And we'll live your fantasy.

We lie to each other,
About our ages and real names.
But it doesn't really matter,
We're both playing games.

You were only teasing,
But I called your bluff.
With a monster like me,
I can never get enough.

Ceremonial daggers,
On a satin draped bed.
I'll cover you in bite marks,
Until your flesh is deep red.

And maybe I went to far,
Because you screamed in pain.
But you did it with a smile,
Could you be more vain?

When the morning finally came,
And ended this night of sin.
We went our separate ways,
You never saw me again.