So Much For That

Well, I say again, so much for that.
It seems the foundation was only a lie anyway.
Still though, was it really necessary?
Perhaps a little less silence, or just a little more caring,
Would have improved it for both.

I can't really say I tried my best, because, well, I didn't.
But then you didn't even bother, in fact just the opposite.
I look for the wisdom that I'm supposed to get from this experience.
Unfortunately I'm blind to its insight.
But then that is sometimes how this heart of mine functions.

So when our paths next cross, I'll still wish it were true.
My competitive instincts tell me I can still prevail,
But the logic of my brain admitted defeat all too long ago.
And my heart, caught in the middle with no defense,
Is left at the mercy of your careless actions.

But it's scarred and callused from all the abuse I've given it.
It can withstand another small incision.
It will heal like all things do, but it of course takes time.
So I bid you farewell, but not good-bye,
As we will still see each other, but through different eyes.