The Girl Who Lives In My Dreams

The girl who lives in my dreams is wondrous.

She's very kind to me;
    Whether I deserve it or not.
She speaks in melodious tones;
    Which my deaf ears don't deserve to hear.
Her brown eyes can penetrate to my soul;
    Though it's not worthy for her to see.
Her moves are that of grace and power;
    Mine are crude and primitive.
The genius of her artwork that I see;
    Proves that mine is spiritless and bland.
Her body is strong and gentle;
    I am feeble and clumsy.
When I cast my eyes toward her, I see an angel;
    Where I am the byproducts of the Earth.
And although she is too majestic and free for me to ever hold;
    She still remains...

The girl who lives in my dreams.