The Time of My Life

So I'm back to living for me,
I'm back to eating alone.
Watching movies by myself,
And cursing my silent phone.

Life is rushing by me,
The hour's forever gone.
Another cycle through the TV,
I mark its passing with a yawn.

Maybe I should go out today,
And try to meet a girl.
One who's smart and kind and fun,
And puts my head into a whirl.

But my life's not a movie,
I'm picky as hell.
And sure I'm sweet,
But I'm annoying as well.

Besides, where would I go,
To meet a girl of my type.
I'm not into bars,
And clubs are all hype.

It's kind of pathetic,
This is such a waste of time.
Writing a poem about my life,
And making it rhyme.