Journeys VR

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Journeys VR

Journeys VR - WIN - USA - Poster.png

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Developer Paper Crane Games
Publisher Cartoon Network
Published 2019-10-01
Platforms Windows
Genres Adventure, Graphic adventure, Passive puzzle, Puzzle, Tower defense
Themes Adventure, Cartoon, Fantasy, Surreal
Distribution Freeware

Journeys VR is a virtual reality graphic adventure video game developed by Paper Crane Games and published by Cartoon Network for Windows on 2019-10-01. It was updated a year later with additional content.

The game is made up of three different quests, "Beyond Beeville," "Jest to Impress," and "Kosma Kwest." In "Beyond Beeville," you play a bee with only one wing who is tasked with taking malformed pollen away from the hive. You must use the pollen as a projectile to solve a series of puzzles in order to accomplish your task. In "Jest to Impress," you are one in a long line of jesters who is expected to entertain a king who executes those who fail to make him laugh. A variety of items are placed in front of you, and you have to make a joke out of each one. In "Kosma Kwest," you are set to replace a god, but you must first learn how to maintain balance in the universe by solving a series of puzzles. The updated version includes a tower defense game called "King Mode" set in the throne room of "Jest to Impress," and a fourth quest called "Kosma Kwest: The Lost Episode" where you have to prove your skills as a god.


Won?Yes. All main quests and the additional quest. 4/4 achievements.

After I got a Vive, I started looking for free games to play to help me get the feel of it and saw this one on several lists of the best free VR games. I played it across two sessions and unlocked all four achievements, beaten all three main quests, and the additional quest. My high score in King Mode is 43.


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4 5 7 6 4

Best Version: Windows

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Despite being professionally made, the game was released for free.
  • The writing is pretty funny with a lot of lines that made me chuckle. The hippie caterpillars trying to get you to take a "Reiki sess" are funny, and the bard from "Jest to Impress" is hilarious. The taunts of your opponents in "King Mode" are also quite funny.
  • There are several interesting visual effects that impressed me.
  • The voice acting is a strange combination of amateur sound, with professional sensibilities, which, although odd, works for the game.
  • The ambient sound and mood music really works with the game.


  • The game is pretty short, and all the puzzles are easy. I never felt challenged in the game, so it was more like going through the motions, but it still looked amazing. The game is still definitely worth more than its price of $0.
  • King Mode, though funny at first, quickly wears out its welcome, as is typical with tower defense games.


  • Nothing.


Title Cards





Strong female character?FailJest to Impress has some women, but they're not important.
Bechdel test?FailThe women never talk to each other.
Strong person of color character?FailAll the characters are cartoon without explicit races.
Queer character?FailThere are no queer characters.


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