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Media ethics is a branch of ethics referring specifically to the morality of media including journalism, the arts, entertainment, and advertising. It covers topics like the what should be the duty of media, the goals of media, and when the media should be protected as free speech or censored for public safety.


My general beliefs are for media to be censored as little as possible while having their goals as transparent as possible. Thus, even media whose goal is to actively spread disinformation shouldn't be censored provided its goal is transparently open to the public. I only think that media outlets should be censored or punished for lying when they lie about the fact that they're lying.

Basic Standards of Journalism

Professional journals should publish their journalistic standards, are transparent about which articles are opinion pieces or analysis as opposed to investigative journalism, and publish retractions to make it clear when and how they have changed articles as new information became available. Journalists who fail to meet these basic standards may not necessarily be deceiving their readers, but are not doing their due diligence to ensure they're publishing the truth.