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The original Street Fighter logo.

Street Fighter is a fictional universe created by Capcom. It first began with an arcade game released in 1987 and slowly ballooned into a series of video games, cartoons, comics, films, and various other forms of media.


I became aware of the Street Fighter series after Street Fighter II: The World Warrior had become popular among my circle of friends, probably around the end of 1992. I first played it after my brother borrowed the original SNES release from a friend, and we played it together. At first, I didn't like the game because my brother was a lot better than me, and I kept losing. However, several of my friends were playing the game too, and it was appearing in a lot of gaming magazines, so, I kept at it. I got a demo released of the DOS port around 1993, and eventually bought Street Fighter II: Turbo - Hyper Fighting for my SNES and played it a lot. I became better at it than most of my friends, and even beat the AI for four different characters. However, I kept getting frustrated with the cheating artificial intelligence, and eventually broke a controller and my cartridge in a fit of rage. I've played a couple of the other releases like Super Street Fighter II, and various games that feature the Street Fighter characters, but I lost interest in the franchise by the mid-1990s. Because of this, Street Fighter, for me, begins and ends with Street Fighter II.


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