September, 2018

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I created a page for the Eve 6 song, Inside Out.

  • It's nice to see a woman's perspective on the Brett Kavanaugh attempted rape accusations. Also, the American Bar Association has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that they should halt the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh until the FBI does a proper investigation. Also, lie detectors don't work, so it's meaningless to point out that Ford "passed" a polygraph.
  • In general, Trump's Republican babysitters keep him from doing press conferences because he can't hold a train of thought for even a few minutes, not to mention all the terrible things he says. Well, Trump held a press conference, and he wasn't able to hold a train of thought for even a few minutes, and he said a lot of terrible things.
  • Trump's address to the UN was like when old white men who have terrible grammar complain about people speaking with a foreign accent. On the other hand, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered an impressive speech saying that, even if the US wants to be an isolationist nation that refuses to help people in need, France will always help people.

A quick and dirty rundown of punctuated equilibrium explained by an actual biologist.

The NFL has some serious bad press against them, so now is probably not a good time to find out that they treat their cheerleaders like dirt.

Some of the more ridiculous claims of Christian Science.

Learning about the tactics people use to derail a conversation, and how to avoid it.

I want to be the girl with the most cake

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I created a page for the video game company Data East.

  • A man accused of sexual assault by multiple women, who was chosen by a man who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women must convince a panel of men that he will uphold the rights of women. Another accuser has explained that she saw Kavanaugh drug women's drinks with strong alcohol. At least some good is coming out of this huge mess, even Fox "News" hosts are beginning to have their eyes opened now that their own daughters feel safe enough to talk about the times they were sexually assaulted. But it's still an upward climb. 48% of white Evangelical Christians say Kavanaugh should be confirmed even if he did attempt to rape a women.
  • Trump may have brought lots of laughs to the UN by claiming the be the best president in US history, but what he said later was down right horrifying. He basically said, the US will ignore human-rights violations in other countries if those countries ignore ours, and then went on to insult every other country, except for North Korea!
  • If you need a reminder why Trump's collusion with Russia is a major problem, remember, the Russian government is directly responsible for assassinating anyone who reports about their crimes.
  • Republican Ted Cruz, who mocks the women who come forward against the men who sexually assault them didn't have a very good dinner a couple of days ago when several restaurant patrons confronted him on his disgustingly sexist views.

A postmortem of Ultima Online.

Advertisers don't just just trick your eyes and ears, they also trick your nose.

It's the guilt and forever wakefulness of the weak

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I added a page for the Rilo Kiley song The Execution of All Things and the former video game company Jaleco.

  • There are now three women who are accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting them, but Republicans wouldn't care if it were three hundred, to them, Kavanaugh's victims are the enemy. Kavanaugh is trying to defend himself by claiming that "attempted rape" doesn't show up on his 1982 calendar.
  • One of Trump's biggest lies is his claim that he has accomplished more in his first two years than any US president has in history regardless of term limit. This is especially false considering he has failed to accomplish any of his major campaign promises (the Affordable Care Act is still in place, the Mexican border wall has yet o be built, etc.). Despite the fact that this claim is patently absurd, Trump always gets plenty of cheers when he says it at his rallies, which is probably why he was taken aback when he told that same whopper in front of the UN and everyone laughed at him!
  • Because the mean old mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico made fun of him, Trump is refusing to increase the size and strength of the United States of America. Puerto Rico has much to offer, but the big baby in charge can't see past his hurt feelings.

Former white supremacist Derek Black talks about how he finally left his culture of racism.

Administrators in a Texas public school tried to force a student to participate in a Christian ritual, and, when the student refused, commented on how the student was black, but not in the NFL, and then expelled the student! They later agreed to let the student return to school to avoid a lawsuit they would most certainly lose, but now they're trying to take away all the other student's right to refuse their ritual.

America could get a lot more people into the voting booths if we stopped making registration so difficult.

Social media, Facebook especially, is used to spread hate and lies, and so far, nobody has come up with a very good way of solving the problem.

Join the Nintendo Fun Club Today!

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I added a page for the game company LJN and uploaded scans of all seven issues of the Nintendo Fun Club, although, five of them are of low quality.

  • Brett Kavanaugh seems to have a history of sexually assaulting women, but Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is skeptical and doesn't think these accusations should ruin Kavanaugh's life... you know, the way he ruined the life of all the women he sexually assaulted.
  • The Family Research Council is a Christian American hate group. They created a conference called the "Values Voter Summit" where white men get together to lie about the LGBT community. And who was their headliner? Republican Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Nike may have taken on Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson, but they're still the same evil corporation they always were.
  • Will Trump be tricked into building a wall in the Sahara Desert?
  • The Daily Show has compiled their segments about Fox "News."
  • Texas defends their removal of several prominent women from their history text books by explaining how they need to make room for a mythological figure.

I'm so manly I'm afraid of certain ranges of the visible light spectrum.

Trying to figure out the most efficient way to pack spheres.

Catholics have been in the lime light for the past 20 years because they keep protecting their child-raping priests. But they have finally found a way to solve this problem... blame the gays!

Why do colleges tolerate fraternities when we know they lower student GPAs and cause injury, damage, and death? Probably because they make money for colleges.

Are you a bad enough dude?

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I added a page for the game Bad Dudes.

  • Brett Kavanaugh has another allegation of sexual misconduct against him, this time during his college years. Although, sexual assault charges has never stopped Republicans from appointing men to the US Supreme Court in the past like Justice Clarence Thomas who sexually assaulted Anita Hill, in fact, three of the Senators hearing Kavanaugh's testimony also heard Thomas claim that Anita Hill was racist for accusing him of sexually assaulting him. There seems to be a pattern among successful men in politics in how they handle sexual assault charges, and Kavanaugh is following them to the letter.
  • It seems all Donald Trump does all day is defend men who have been accused of sexual assault, despite claiming that he would be a law and order president.
  • Republican Jim Knoblach has dropped out of politics after his daughter accused him of sexually assaulting her for years.
  • Just to give you an idea of how juvenile Trump's speech is, you can very easily turn his direct quotes into a book for children. Speaking of juvenile, do we really need to talk about Trump's genitals?

Want to open anyone's garage door? Buy this toy and send a de Bruijn sequence.

Another day, another Christian pastor, Jose Vicente Morales, goes to prison for raping a child.

Some of the more interesting lawsuits against Nintendo.

I'm certainly guilty of this myself, but part of the reason why the Internet is a huge dumpster fire of emotion-fueled lies is because, without face-to-face interaction, people usually reward each other for saying emotion-fueled lies.


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I finished reading the popular psychology book, 59 Seconds.

It's that time of year again. Time to get your flu shot.

Christian pastor Gary Miller raped one of his own congregates.

Justin Schneider threatened to murder a woman, choked her until she lost consciousness, masturbated on her, and, when she regained consciousness, again threatened to murder her. But Schneider won't go to jail because the judge on his case refused thinks Schneider being fired from his job is punishment enough.

Waste of time

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I've added a list of my favorite albums sorted by release month.

  • Brett Kavanaugh's vote was pushed back in part because Republicans are keeping all the relevant information about his history secret, but also because of the allegations against him of attempted rape. Some people say that you should always believe an accuser until evidence can be show to the contrary, but Evangelical Christian Franklin Graham is not one of those people. To him, holding a woman down and trying to take off her clothes while she says "no," then covering her mouth while she screams, is a sign of respect. This isn't surprising, Evangelical Christians become pure evil whenever anything threatens their ability to regulate a woman's body. So far, the woman who accused Kavanaugh of attempted rape has received has already received death threats so credible she's felt it necessary to uproot her family.
  • A public school in Louisiana has been part of a lawsuit for awhile now because the teachers and administrators keep trying to convert students to Christianity, but recently a document has been shared which tells parents that the people suing the school have sent private investigators to the school to video record their children. This statement is probably a lie since the school has brazenly applauded their violations of the first amendment for years, but this is the sort of lies you have come to expect from Republican Mike Johnson?

Part of the problem of living of in a country where you have to beg for money to afford basic medical procedures means people regularly turn to the people they can afford, which is often charlatans.

Neuroscientists are making slow but steady headway at understanding consciousness.

While most museums now allow visitors to photograph their art, this has caused museums to alter their displays, but it also changes how people appreciate art.


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23andMe has an ad that just screams, "Do you think so?"

  • The number of immigrant children who have been imprisoned by the Republican Party is the highest it has ever been at well over 11,000. You know what else is at the highest number its ever been? The number of children the Republican Party has lost; now over 1,400!
  • Corporate America doesn't want another Dokota Access Pipeline style protest, so they've convinced legislators to criminalize protesting. First amendment? What first amendment?
  • Trump's "spiritual" advisor, a charlatan named Paula White, just told her congregation that they needed to vote Republican, a criminal act according to the Johnson Amendment. She then went on to tell several lies including that the Johnson Amendment has been repealed (it hasn't) and that California has banned the bible (they haven't).
  • Republican Chris McDaniel said, without evidence, that 99% of rape allegations are false.
  • I feel like I would get along well with Steve Shives.
  • Paul Manaforte is selling out Trump to the FBI, but it's hard to feel bad when Trump sold out America to the Russians.
  • Republicans are eating up QAnon in the same way they eat up religion.

If you believe that Western culture is based on Judeo-Christian values, you're just plain wrong.

The Brooklyn diocese just paid out $27,500,000 the the families of the children who were raped by Catholic priests.

Libraries often create displays based on banned books, where they showcase books that oppressive governments have banned from libraries because the Conservatives believe they know what's best for everyone. For example, the Rumford Public Library in Maine put together a table of several classic titles like "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Color Purple," and "Fahrenheit 451," and, almost on cue, three local pastors tried to get the banned books banned from the library.

GameTheory reveals the solution to their real-life contest.

Will it record to my VHS tapes?

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I made a comic about old people trying to use computers. If you don't get the joke, you're the reason why it exists.

  • Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of trying to rape Christine Blasey Ford when the two were in high school. Don Trump Jr. has mocked Ford suggesting that, to her, attempted rape means a child's love letter. Many Republicans are dismissing this attempted rape allegation in the same way they dismiss all such allegations. However, Ford has produced therapy documents from six years ago when she spoke to a psychologist about the attempted rape. This means that either Ford made up a story at least six years ago just in case Kavanaugh might be nominated to the US Supreme Court, or there is something to her story. I sincerely doubt that something Republicans would view as petty as a teenage rape accusation will affect how they vote regarding Kavanaugh, which means that Ford has permanently altered her life just to let the truth be known. That is serious bravery.
  • Republican Lindsy Graham tries to explain why it isn't a big deal to lie to the FBI about Russian collusion.
  • Trump's trade war continues with a further tax on $200,000,000,000 worth of Chinese imports, a move that will cost Americans consumers billions in fees over the next couple years. China responded, as predicted, by increasing tariffs on American imports, and now Trump is threatening to continue increasing tariffs until China stops playing fair. What Trump isn't smart enough to realize is, as the world's largest importer, most of our products come from outside countries. Trump's tariffs mean the average consumer must now pay more for most of their goods, but that isn't what's happening to all the countries involved in the trade war. While Americans are seeing a price increase in 80% of their products, the Chinese, Europeans, Mexicans, and Canadians are only seeing a 10% price increase. Not exactly a sustainable trade war for America. It's as though Trump is trying to bluff, but he only has a pair of twos, and he's holding his cards the wrong way, and the game is actually chess.
  • Count me among those who doesn't want Trump to be able to send me direct phone messages, even in the event of an emergency.
  • Republican Ted Cruz is trying to trick people into donating for his campaign by sending out contribution forms disguised as court summons. Not a surprising tactic from a man who sides with Amber Guyger, the police officer who accidentally murdered Botham Jean for the "crime" of sitting in his own living room.
  • The white folk living in Boston don't understand why it's the most racist city in the nation.
  • A Fox "News" troll, who works for a company whose stars keep getting arrested for sexual assault, tries to mock adult film workers for not being moral enough.

Corporations are not evil, but the people who run them often are. Just look at the Sackler family who became rich by getting America hooked on a highly addictive painkiller.

One of the off-shoots of millions of people buying smart watches is that they're effectively wearing a heart monitor at all times.

An interesting discussion between a Christian apologist and atheist Hemant Mehta. The apologists makes the typical false claims, but Mehta makes a lot of really great points.

A short history of the Ouija board.

Screaming babies!

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My girls had a blood draw today. Gabby's is not happy with her tiny veins!

I added a page for the Nintendo Fun Club, precursor to Nintendo Power.

Here's a cool video about the making of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Microsoft has a long history of directly lying to customer and they continue to this day. Their current approach is to treat software made by 3rd parties as a virus by popping up a fake warning messages suggesting that the 3rd party software might be dangerous. For example, when users of Windows 10 try to install Chrome or Firefox, the installation is interrupted with a warning message claiming that Microsoft's browser is safer. But, considering Microsoft's browser came dead last in last PwnToOwn hacking event, their claim is entirely false.

A Dutch news organization reports that over half of the priests in the Netherlands Catholic diocese have been accused of child abuse or protecting child abusers.

A Muslim group created a video called "Questions no atheist can answer." Spoiler alert, atheists can answer them.

Mormons don't want to be called Mormons any more because they think their god told them to stop calling themselves Mormons.


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I created a page for the cellular automaton, Langton's ant, as well as a couple programs to generate it.

  • Why is Donald Trump so terrible at dealing with disasters when that has been a large portion of his life? You don't write a statement that makes it sound like you're happy about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and you don't brag about having the tallest building in New York after the World Trade Centers were destroyed.
  • Thousands of people died because of Hurricane Maria hitting US territory Puero Rico, and they were left without power for almost a year. Or, as Trump calls it, a huge success. How can Trump make such a horrible claim? Because he refuses to believe the actual death toll.
  • How would a lie detector in the White House even work when everyone in the Trump administration lies all the time.
  • Braille is placed in elevators to allow blind people to ride without assistance. Trump decided to remove the braille from his elevators. Why? Probably because he doesn't want blind people living in his buildings.
  • Republican Betsy DeVos tried to illegally delay the implementation of regulations that protect students from predatory loan companies. 19 states sued her and won!
  • California Republican and devout Christian Andrew Cruz explains why Hitler wasn't that bad.

Even if you graduate from one of Maryland's private Christian schools, you'll have a hard time getting into a university because the schools are not accredited. But, despite handing out useless diplomas, the schools still received millions from the state in tax dollars!

Nirmal Mulye, CEO of Nostrum Laboratories, and defender of pharma-bro Martin Shkreli, just raised the price of an antibiotic 400%. He thinks that the likelihood he's going to kill people who can no longer afford the antibiotic is a moral good thing, because he's morally obligated to make money for himself.

Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf make a PEZ tampon dispenser.

The etymology of the word OK.

Alex O'Connor and Lloyd Evans talk about cults and religion.


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I played through the mystery game Home again last night. I also created a list of things that blow my mind.

Thanks to an anonymous leaker in Microsoft, we have learned that the company is going to start charging a subscription fee to anyone who wants security updates for Windows 7, their last decent OS and the one still used by the majority of people. This will only be for the Professional Edition, Home Edition users will be out of luck entirely. The fee will increase every year until 2023 when they plan on dropping support for the OS all together. Windows 8 will also be dropped at the same time and left unpatched (it was garbage anyway), so, anyone who wants to keep a secure computer must pay $139 to downgrade to Windows 10 and be subjected to all the limited features, removed customization, unstoppable reboots, and constant advertisements. I've been avoiding Windows 10 like the plague because it's such garbage, but I have still compiled a short list of problems and solutions to eliminate some of the worst Windows 10 "features." You can see my list here.

The Mega Man II Intro song played with cats.

Religious people are creepy.

What fresh new hell is this?

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The girls have reached 9 months today!

I finished reading 30-Second Quantum Theory and created a page for Adobe Flash.

  • Going all the way back to the 1940s, the past 12 US Presidents would start each morning with a CIA briefing so they could understand the threats against the nation. That tradition stopped with Trump who cares so little about the security of the country he can't be bothered to read even a couple pages a day.
  • What's the point of have a confirmation hearing of a US Supreme Court Justice if their background is kept secret, and they refuse to answer any questions?
  • Social media companies aren't silencing Conservatives, they're silencing compulsive liars, it just so happens they're the same people.
  • Another day, another lie from Trump. The economy actually isn't doing very well right now, and it's because of terrible Republican ideals.
  • Florida Republicans refuse to let people vote if they committed a crime in the past, but they might make an exception if you go to church. Of course, the USA has a long history of refusing to let people vote. For the majority of our nation's history most Americans couldn't vote.

California's dedication to clean renewable energy continues to make the rest of the states look bad.

I don't care about sports at all, but I do care when cartoonists like Mark Knight draw racist depictions of black people.

Mario Tennis Aces has surprisingly accurate physics, until you break a racket.

The anti-LGBT, anti-choice, pro-child molestation stances of the Catholic church is shifting the religious demographics of Argentina. It's still mostly Catholic, but people are officially leaving the church in droves.

A compilation of Dorkly videos about Final Fantasy.

Beware the giant carrot of doom!

Nazis... I hate these guys

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Gabby has reverted to waking us up at 3:00 each morning to be fed. We are not amused.

I beat the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein over the weekend and added a page for the Pre-Raphaelite art genre.

  • It should be illegal to appoint a government employee without having them be properly vetted, especially a life-time position like Supreme Court Justice, especially when the person in charge is mentally unfit to hold office. Nothing good can come out of purposely hiding damning information about them or allowing them to refuse to answer direct questions. But that is precisely how Republicans operate, but Democrat Cory Booker tells the hearing committee to piss off and releases their documents anyway, and Kamala Harris asks Kavanaugh some difficult questions. Keep in mind that Brett Kavanaugh isn't just going to fight to criminalize abortion, he's also going to fight to eliminate church/state separation.
  • Trump mocks everyone, but he is especially cruel to black people.
  • Republicans created voter id laws, not to prevent voter fraud, but to stop poor people from voting. Poor people traditionally vote Democrat, and they often have a hard time getting a government id because they require a lot of money and time that poor people can't afford. Thankfully, a group called Spread the Vote has been actively working with needy people to help them get photo ids so they can vote.
  • Republicans claim to hate Trump, but not enough to actually stop voting in his favor.
  • Republican Johnathan Woods was sentenced to 18 years in prison for accepting bribes in order to give taxpayer money to bible schools.

The clever world design of Super Metroid.

You can still experience awe and wonder even if you don't believe in gods.

Why fashion doesn't get to be copyrighted.

Keeping your mind sharp with the Dollar Game.

Sleep, it's what's for dinner

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I added a page for the game distribution company Valve.

  • More about the various Trump employees who are working to thwart him. It's nice that they're trying, but really, give the man enough rope to hang himself so wer can impeach the loser.
  • Trump's pick for US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, believes a long-since debunked myth, that women's birth control causes abortions. This is the same man who will be working to re-criminalize abortion after he's confirmed. I'm very happy to see several protesters at the hearings.
  • At one of his Klan rallies, Trump told his supporters that, if he gets impeached, it'll be their fault!
  • Arkansas Republicans force public schools to put a Christian slogan on their walls, but American Atheists is trying to help them be snarky about it.
  • I'm happy that the negative press about Trump continues unabated, but until he's actually impeached.
  • Nike exploits people for cheap labor. They're still evil even if they chose Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson.

Doctor Bell Burnell, discoverer of the pulsar, finally gets the recognition she deserves.

Idaho police are no longer to put homeless people in jail for refusing to go to Christian shelters that require anyone staying there to agree with their religious beliefs.

Want to help your city's congestion problem? Build better bike lanes.

The various differences of Zelda II between the Japanese and US releases.

Some interesting aspects of school history.

Meaningless fiddling about

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I added a page for the first DragonLance Tales book, The Magic of Krynn and the Windows 3 game, Pegged.

I don't understand why designers feel the need to make meaningless visual changes to their software. I finally bit the bullet and upgraded beyond version 56 of FireFox (I lost several of my favorite extensions in the process since that was the last version that had legacy support) and the new version is riddled with meaningless visual changes. Instead of a spinning circle to indicate page loading, there is a dot that bounces back and forth. HTML icons, which were once white pages with the Firefox logo are now black. The menus are now flat instead of using the 3D style of my OS. FireFox still has a long way to go before it catches up with Chrome in terms of speed and stability, so why waste time confusing users by making things look different for no reason?

  • The very same Republicans who demanded more time to review Obama Supreme Court appointee Elena Kagan are now forcing through the hearings of Brett Kavanaugh. Nothing new; Republicans are hypocrites. Also, some of the secret documents about Kavanaugh have been leaked, and he paints a pretty clear picture of how he is anti-abortion and pro-racism.
  • Apparently, just being racist and fascist isn't enough. Trump still thinks the job of the Attorney General is to break the law to protect the President, and he will continue to mock Jeff Sessions until he does.
  • If Trump's own personal advisors believe that he is incapable of doing his job, and a serious threat to the security of the nation, they shouldn't be trying to fight him from the inside, they should collectively resign and go public with what they know.
  • Trump continues to try and rid the US of anyone who isn't white.
  • Trump claims that Google is conspiring against him to bring negative articles to the top of their search results. He can't understand the reality that most Americans hate him.
  • On his very first day working as White House Communicator, Sean Spicer was lied about the crowd size of Trump's inauguration, because he was ordered to, and because he's a spineless coward. We've now learned that Trump also personally requested that a government photographer edit official pictures of his inauguration to try and make it seem like more people were in attendance! Trump is such a pathetic sissy!
  • The bulk of the Republican Party still hates gay people and would re-criminalize homosexuality if they could. But, thankfully, the USA is continuing to be more and more open to allowing consenting adults to do what they want. In fact, other countries that were colonized why Western cultures and had their hate imported into them are finally throwing off the same shackles.
  • White men are freaking out over Nike hiring Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson because he protests racism by refusing to stand for the National Anthem.
  • Turns out, it only costs 1$ to punch a white supremacist in the face!
  • Remember a year ago when Equifax announced they lost the private financial data of 145,500,000 Americans to hackers (months after the hack took place), putting everyone high risk of identity theft literally for the rest of their lives? Well, all these bills were introduced to stop reckless business practices like those of Equifax, but the Republican Congress killed nearly all of them, and we're back to where we started.

The birth (and death) of the epic Hollywood musical.

You know global warming is getting bad when the labs setup to measure increased flooding have to move inland because the flooding has increased too much.

Pope Francis has the perfect solution for the century of protecting literally thousands of child-raping priests... silence and prayer. I don't think silence or prayer would have stopped Robert DeLand, a Catholic priest who claimed he was seduced by a teenage boy into having sex with him.

Gwyneth Paltrow's stupid claim that shoving rocks in your vagina will cause all sort of great things has cost her $145,000.

Simone Giertz makes ugly desks.

Seize this moment

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I added a page for the Black Lives Matter movement, and one of the appropriated slogans, all lives matter.

  • Dictators like Trump, who hate the first amendment and want to outlaw protesting tell bald-faced lies publicly without apology because lying works, even when it's completely absurd.
  • Republican Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, just vetoed a bill that would increase the minimum salary of public teacher's to a mere $40,000 a year. Rauner's minimum salary is over $177,000 a year, and has an estimated net worth in the hundreds of millions, but public teachers in Illinois can be paid as low as $9,000 a year, a minimum wage that hasn't been increased in over 38 years! $40,000 a year is barely enough to live off of, but even that was too high for Rauner who wants to enact a "pay for performance" plan where teachers are paid based on how well their students take standardized tests. Republicans continue to be anti-education and anti-worker.
  • Two Russian spies have been identified as the attempted assassins of Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal. I'm sure Trump will be quick to ignore this completely. But, despite giving so much help to Russia, Trump isn't everything Putin was hoping for.
  • Saudi Arabia is planning on beheading human rights activists, and the US government is totally okay with it.

Ultraviolet light is non-ionizing, so, why does it cause cancer?

The fact that science updates itself when new data is made available is a feature, not a bug.

After the Pennsylvania Catholic diocese was shown to have protected hundreds of child rapists for decades, attention has been turned to the Kansas diocese whose very strict closed-door policy on child sexual abuse is bringing it under more scrutiny than usual. But it isn't just Catholics who cover up abuse, the Jehovah's Witnesses have a long history of it as well.

When you think about it, it's actually pretty cruel to everyone who lost a loved one in a disaster to thank a god that your loved ones survived.

What if Bowser dated Princess Daisy?

Four-day week! Thanks labor unions!

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My tooth socket has mostly healed up. I still have a couple stitches that need to fall out, and the area is still tender, but I should see bone growth over the next couple months enough to get an implant put in.

I finished reading About a Boy, and really loved it. I then watched the movie, which was a pretty good adaption, and the first couple episodes of the TV series, which was awful.

  • Republicans continue being racist. In order to get a passport in the USA, you need your birth certificate to show your status as an American. However, if you look Mexican, that's not good enough.
  • Adam Schiff of the House Intelligence Committee explains why Russian hacking is a serious problem for US national security, and asks why the White House is flat-out denying it.
  • In order to evaluate Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh's, record, it must be made available to Congress. Naturally, Republicans are refusing to allow Congress access to over 100,000 pages of his record specifically relating to his time as George W. Bush's lawyer, you know, when covering up crimes against humanity is most likely.
  • Trump celebrated Labor Day by ridiculing the head of a labor union, and unions in general.
  • Journalist Bob Woodward has released a book claiming that some of Trump's White House aides stole documents from Trump to prevent him from signing them because they see him as a danger to national security.
  • Now that he's retiring, Conservative Judge James DeWeese explains that converting people to Christianity has been his career goal. This means that he was probably lying the entire 11-year battle when he claimed that the Ten Commandments he put in his office was not meant to promote his religion, but merely to show examples of law throughout history.

A recap of all the US-born racism of the past couple months.

Phil Braun, the angry white man who protested Colin Kaepernick protest of abusive police officers, lit himself on fire.

You can always trust corporations to be evil.

The US is the only industrial nation in the world that has a severe mass-shooting problem.

After a student refused to stand during his public school's mandatory Pledge of Allegiance, gym teacher Karen Smith forced the child to stand, injuring him in the process. She has since plead guilty to child abuse, but the charge will be wiped from her record if she retires and doesn't injure any other children in the next 18-months. I actually feel bad for her. Considering her age, she was a child during a rather fascist time in American history where people were being locked up for exercising their rights. However, that was a long time ago, and she should have learned by now that the USA will not abide those who force children to swear loyalty oaths and prayers.

If you're eating cannabis edibles, you're probably fine, despite what Dr. Merrillee Brown says.

Kevin "Scott" Heffner, pastor of Victory Baptist Church and Principal of Victory Baptist Academy in North Carolina is currently in jail for sending pictures of his penis to girls 15 years or younger.