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Shadowgate is fantasy universe which mixes Medieval-era technology with magic and mythological monsters. It was initially created in 1987 with the adventure puzzle video game Shadowgate. Though it was the third game in the MacVenture series, it went on to become the most popular featuring a dozen ports, a remake, a sequel, a spinoff, and some unlicensed releases as well.


I was first introduced to the Shadowgate universe around 1990 with the NES port of the original game which I rented from a local movie rental store. I loved the cover art and found the game to be quite interesting. I didn't get very far, but I saw a fair amount of the game thanks to the existing save slots. In my late teens, I bought the game used and eventually beat it. I had no idea about the TurboGrafx-CD sequel, but I did know a game was being made for the Nintendo 64, but that did not make me happy, as I hated the idea of a low-poly-count 3D version of the game. After learning about the Worlds of Power book, I wanted to read it, but haven't been able to get my hands on it. When I saw that a high-res remake of the original had been made, I was eager to try it.


Video Games

Released Title Platforms
1987-05-?? Shadowgate Amiga, Apple IIgs, Atari ST, Game Boy Color, MS-DOS, Macintosh Classic, NES, Palm OS, Windows 3, Windows Mobile
1993-??-?? Beyond Shadowgate TurboGrafx-CD
1999-06-09 Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers Nintendo 64
2014-08-21 Shadowgate Android, iOS, Linux, Macintosh, Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One





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