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Title screen.

Super TextTwist is a word game developed and published by GameHouse as a browser game. It's nearly identical to the earlier Java-based Text Twist released on 2001-10-12. Several years later, it was followed up by TextTwist 2 then again by TextTwist Turbo.


I remember playing Super TextTwist online in the mid-2000s. I enjoyed it for awhile, but its shallow nature prevented me from ever playing it for very long.

The game is adware online. It cannot be beaten.


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Best Version: Browser

— This section contains spoilers! —


  • Simply playing the game, it teaches you a lot of new words. Not necessarily what they mean, but that they exist.
  • The game thankfully makes full use of the keyboard, so you don't have to rely on the much slower mouse-based UI.
  • The sound effects are useful at informing you about the validity of your word, even if you eyes are focused on the keyboard.
  • The "Twist" button is helpful for when a different random letter order might help give you new word ideas.


  • Like most word games, there isn't much going on. It's a basic word scramble with a time limit, so, it gets boring quickly.
  • Also, like most word games, the word dictionary includes tons of obscure words. This isn't such a problem for the shorter words, but if its one of the six-letter words you need to guess to move on, it's pretty much a guaranteed game over.
  • I would have appreciated some background music.
  • Although the game is still available, it can no longer be played in a browser. You now have to download the program, and its default full screen mode messes up your existing windows and doesn't preserve the aspect ratio.


  • Nothing.




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